Donated and Free Services

Building civic technology is tough, epecially with volunteers. Code for America has gotten a bunch of donated services for your Brigade to use. Have your Brigade leadership contact us at HQ to get access.

    Developer Resources

  • myBalsamiq - Donated access to this easy prototyping tool.
  • - Great looking documentation for your projects - Forum post

    Project Management

  • GitHub Issues - The most popular way to manage open source software projects. How To.
  • - A free project management tool based on GitHub Issues.
  • Hackshop by to help hackathon organizers and participants.
  • Trello

    Event Organizing

  • Meetup - Donated Meetup group for your Brigade. Nearly every Brigade uses this.
  • Eventbrite - Free event service.


  • Slack with Slackin or for autoinvites. There is a form at https://{yourteam} to apply for a free upgrade. Contact us for a copy of our nonprofit certification letter.
  • Flowdock


  • Awesome Civic - A crowdsourced list of civic tools.
  • Numbers - Counting the Brigades, People, and Projects.