OpenSMC's Projects

  • Get Connected SMC

    A site that helps San Mateo County residents understand more about what assistance programs they may qualify for including health insurance, MediCal, Medicaid, and WIC

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    Updated 4 months ago

  • Criminal Record Expungement

    A site that allows participants to have a single portal to apply for an expungement

    Updated 5 months ago

  • Park Periscope

    A project to collect attribute information about parks within San Mateo County.

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    Updated 8 months ago

  • Affordable Housing Bay Area

    A site that helps people access information about and apply for affordable housing in one platform.

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    Updated 8 months ago

  • Housing Platform

    In partnership with the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) ( and 21 Elements (, OpenSMC will be developing a Pilot Housing Platform to simplify the way in which cities report annual housing construction activity to the HCD and ABAG. The goal with the Pilot Housing Platform is to simplify the reporting process by transforming the form into an easy interface that cities can use to input housing production data.

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  • Old Maps

    Georeferencing historical maps of San Mateo County

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    Updated 10 months ago

  • Birds, Beans, and Bees

    Sustainable San Mateo County is working on food systems indicators this year. In order to help residents understand what they can do at their homes and on their land to promote very local food, we'll create an app that tells users if they can keep animals, bees, or convert portions or all of their land to gardens.

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  • OpenSMC Website

    Starter website for OpenSMC. Forked from, hosted on GitHub Pages with Jekyll.

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  • MoveBayArea (formerly CycleSMC)

    Adnroid/iOS app for tracking active transportation methods. Developed in partnership with San Mateo County Office of Sustainability, Code for Philly, and

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  • Flu Clinic Finder

    Mobile application framework created to help users find flu clinics by location and open date/time. Conceived as a framework for other location- and time-based services. (This project is on hold until flu clinics re-open in the fall.)

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