Code for Durham's Projects

  • Adopt a Drain, Park, Etc....

    OBJECTIVE: To bring the Adopt a Drain web app deployed in San Francisco to Durham.

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  • Affordable Housing (Data Hub)

    Our vision is to support the Durham community by aggregating and organizing information in a way that moves community consensus and investment decisions forward. To this end, we plan to create a web-based tool to generate various visualization from curated data to help inform policy makers during their decision-making process.

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  • National Day of Civic Hacking 2016 - Planning

    June 4 - Great way to jump in to the civic tech volunteer movement! Join the 40,000 other techies that want to power their communities with better technology, open data and open source projects!

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  • End Hunger Durham

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  • Code for Durham Website Updates

    Our website needs improving! We've now migrated over to this site which the master template is developed and hosted by Code for Philly brigade with a lot of support from Chris Alfano. Great opportunity to play with web dev.

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  • Open Referral Pilot: Towards an Open Social Services Resource Directory

    Working with Chris Mathews at Code for Raleigh - he's tracking a project as [NC Connect](

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  • Citizens Data Academy - Durham

  • HackDuke Support: Challenges & Data

    Before Nov 15/16, 2014, we gathered Hack Challenges from local Non-profit partners and aggregated useful data in a dedicated Socrata Open Data Portal for HackDuke, the largest Code for Good collegiate hackathon in the country. 500 developers from over 1400 registrants from top-tier C.S. students from Duke, VTech, GTech and engineers from Google, Citrix, Facebook and more.

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  • School Navigator


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  • Open Data Policing NC

    Led by community partner Ian Mance at The Southern Coalition for Social Justice, this team is visualizing the data used to discuss racial profiling patterns in crime enforcement across police departments in NC. The website is meant to be a tool for Police Chiefs and the public for monitoring good community policing practices. [See their 1hr presentation here](

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