Code for Philly's Projects

  • My Brother's Keeper

    My Brother's Keeper was conceived in response to the problem of lopsided inventory levels at donation centers serving Philadelphia's homeless. These centers often have an abundance of a few types of donated goods, while many others are in short supply. This web application will enable such donation centers to inform the community of what items they need by simply selecting the items from a list of their general inventory. If greater specificity is needed, they can add comments for any item.

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  • Garden Hero

    Garden Hero is an outgrowth of Code for Philly's Civic Engagement Launchpad 2018. This web application aims to help community gardens better manage their resources in order to cultivate a better community of gardeners.

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  • Govmeeting

    Software to improve involvement in local government.

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  • Leverage: Philly Campaign Finance

    The goal of Leverage is to empower citizens of Philadelphia to use campaign finance data when making informed decisions about who they donate to, who they support, and who they vote for.

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  • Cypher Philly

    Philly Graph DB and Code for Philly are starting a new initiative called Cypher Philly. The initiative is intended to inspire and equip citizen journalists, data enthusiasts and social activists with the tools and data to do good for the city and citizens of Philadelphia. There are a number of reasons why Philadelphia needs your help from public safety issues to beautifying shared public spaces, transportation updates or even unheard police complaints. Our goal is to harness the untapped potential of which has hundreds of datasets that could help inform effective solutions to these problems. Topics range from Arts/Culture/History, Education, Elections/Politics, Transportation, Public Safety, Environment & and much more. With a shared enthusiasm for making an actionable difference we believe you can help us make this initiative possible.

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  • Not in Philly

    Not in Philly

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  • GardenHub - Community Gardens web app

    Formed around the simple idea that food should not go to waste, GardenHub is the solution to the problem of community garden food waste. Despite the best efforts of community gardeners, far too often food produced in community gardens rots on the vine.

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  • Software as a Public Service


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  • Match Match Philly

    Match Match Philly will integrate the City of Philadelphia's engagement data collection system (VAN) with its volunteer recruitment tool (VolunteerMatch). The City is moving to track all engagement data with this tool to increase data sharing and improve the way departments track and conduct engagement. This integration will enable seamless tracking and management of volunteer recruitment data.

  • FortifyingFamilies

    Fortifying Families is an app for families/friends/advocates/supporters of incarcerated persons to assist the returning citizen in the reentry process.

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