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    Our website that anyone can fork and improve. As our core platform, it's the front door to the public. We're constantly striving to improve the user experience so that anyone can quickly understand what we're working on and how they can get involved. Pull requests welcome and encouraged!

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  • Sacramento Open Budget Project

    The City of Sacramento spends nearly $1 billion annually to deliver services and fund government operations. Code for Sacramento used data from the city's open data portal to visualize where the money comes from and how it's spent.

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  • WICit

    A simple node/express app for finding locations that accept WIC in California, using data from the new California Department of Public Health open data portal.

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  • CutePetsSac

    CutePetsSac is a Twitter bot that tweets a random pet from the City of Sacramento's Animal Care Services. We're looking for someone who can lead this project by taking over the Twitter account and getting the word out about cute pets waiting to be adopted. Interested? Hit us up: pets [at] codeforsacramento [dot] org

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  • Benefisher

    Benefisher is a social services search application built to more easily connect those in need with those that can help. Benefisher is a collaboration between Code for Sacramento and Team Wakati, a CSU Sacramento senior project team. Benefisher is designed to be deployed with an Ohana API instance to provide an easy end-to-end solution for publishing social services data.

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  • Project Genesis

    Project Genesis is a civic crowdfunding platform to enable and expand public art projects in the Sacramento region. Government funds for public art projects in Sacramento are near non-existent. The consequential non-existence of art projects prevents the cultural growth of Sacramento and West Sacramento. We forked the crowdfunding platform to power Project Genesis.

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  • Polling Place Accessibility App

    Polling Place Accessibility shows accessibility parameters for voting venues in the sacramento county.

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  • Code for Sac Tutorial

    Code For Sacramento tutorial for getting and manipulating civic data

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  • BikeCounter

    A bicycle (and pedestrian) traffic counter, we're developing in partnership with Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates (SABA).

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  • Ohana API

    Ohana API is a Ruby on Rails application that makes it easy for communities to publish and maintain a database of social services, and allows developers to build impactful applications that serve underprivileged residents. We're using the API as a back-end for Benefisher.

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