Priority Action Areas

Brigades across the country will work collectively in these areas to build shared projects, create common resources, and support each other.

What are Priority Action Areas?

Priority Action Areas are four project areas where the Network feels we can have outsized impact in 2021. It is where we will focus shared projects and resources via our distributed Brigades across the country, making it possible for projects to impact several places at once. Resources like toolkits, workshops, and project management assistance will be provided to Brigades by the Network Team to support collective work in these four prioritized areas.

Help with efforts to decriminalize, decarcerate, and reinvest in communities
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Creating Pathways to Record Clearance
A criminal record shouldn’t be a life sentence to poverty.
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Voting Rights
How might we ensure people feel safe and secure in the 2020 election process?
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Court Notifications
Everyone who interacts with the justice system deserves a fair and modern experience.
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Rapid Response
When disaster strikes, Brigade members spring into action.
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How were the Priority Action Areas selected?

Priority Action Areas were created in response to Brigade members and leaders asking for more project support, ideas and tools for projects that have impact, and more cross-brigade collaboration on projects. They were chosen in a process where the Network voiced their feedback on what areas they were most excited to tackle in 2020 via surveys, Discourse, workshops, and conversations. The National Advisory Council then narrowed down this feedback into the top three most popular, and viable topics. After finalizing our selections, the NAC then decided to add Rapid Response as a Priority Action Area to meet the needs of the COVID-19 pandemic and the evident energy around that topic within the Network.

Through this collaborative process, the four Priority Action Areas that we chose are: Voting Rights, Creating Pathways to Record Clearance, Rapid Response, and Policing.

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Do you want to get involved? The best place to start is by joining Code for America’s Slack workspace and collaborating with the project leaders and partners of each Priority Action Area.