About this Priority Action Area

It’s 2020 and the year of a major presidential election. There is renewed energy and organizing to ensure people feel safe and secure in the voting process, and understand who they are voting for.


Projects currently exist to give people helpful information about the voting process like Open Oakland’s Open Disclosure and Open Maine’s Maine Ballot. These projects focus on access to information in the areas of campaign finance and ballot initiatives, and we’d like to deepen our impact in the space by looking into ways to intersect voting information with our work in record clearance.

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This year, Code for America engaged in a partnership with Vote.org to ensure that accurate information easily gets to voters, and that we can increase the amount of people that are able to participate in the democratic process. Particularly in the times of COVID-19, voting information is constantly changing, which can lead to ambiguity and missed opportunities for people to make their vote count. Eight Brigade members joined the Voter Information Research Team and have been conducting research to help voters find accurate information to exercise their right to vote.

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