What do you get?

When you sign up, you get an upgraded account with 250MB of space. With an upgraded account, your data is also private.

How do I get access?

First, ask your Brigade captain if your Brigade already has a CARTO account. If you can add your project within the existing account, that will help us share CARTO with more brigades.

If your Brigade needs a new CARTO account, discuss with your Brigade leader what email address you would like to put on the account.

To request a new CARTO account, email inkinds@codeforamerica.org including the following information. Please cc your Brigade’s captain.

  • Which CfA Brigade you belong to
  • A description of the projects you’re working on (including URLs if they’re live) and how CARTO will help.
  • The email address you would like to use for a new CARTO account. (Do not create your own CARTO account.)