Meetup Pro

As opposed to normal Meetup, Meetup Pro gives you a bunch of new cool data, options, and, most importantly, makes it possible for us to pay for your Meetup bill.

You will still retain full control over your Meetup page as a co-organizer.

What do you get?

Code for America will pay for your Meetup, saving you $180 a year.

You’ll be able to host as many events as you want, and we will be able to share with you information about the attendees of your Meetup events.

How do you get access?

If your Brigade does not have a Meetup yet, email to get started.

To transfer your existing Meetup group to Code for America, you will need to add Code for America as the “Organizer” and then we will re-add you as a “Co-Organizer”.

  1. Go to your existing Meetup group page (e.g.
  2. Click the “…” (triple dot) button to the right of the red “Schedule” button.
  3. Select “Step Down As Organizer”
  4. To select the New Organizer, search for “”. (If that doesn’t work, try searching for “Code For America Brigade”). Check the box to the right.
  5. Send a message to with the subject “Meetup Transfer for [Brigade]” and we will complete the process on our end.

Important: After the transfer, make sure to cancel your Meetup subscription. Your subscription will not automatically cancel.

What will look different for your attendees?

Attendees will see a dialog like this when they RSVP to your event for the first time.

On a page of, a pop-up modal window reads

Users who click the “Confirm” button will opt-in to sharing their email address with your brigade and Code for America. Users clicking the “x” instead will opt them out, and you will not receive their email.

How will Code for America interact with your Meetup?

Users can opt-in to sharing their email address when they attend your Meetup. We’ll use addresses for those who opt-in to send occasional messages about network-wide activities. These will be limited to things like “Announcing National Day of Civic Hacking” and a once a quarter reminder about signing up for the Code for America email list to get the latest updates. We can provide you the list as well.